Consultancy Services

Need to reorganise your sales department? Need to boost your business growth? Require a plan for  2021 to get more sales? Need a more customer centric organization? Need a better pricing model to capture value better?  Our pragmatic consultants help you and your team to implement actions to get results. We are different then the traditional consulting firms with a pyramid hierarchy and producing huge powerpoint decks. Our DNA is no-nonsense, customer centred, down-to-earth and result oriented.

Sales Excellence programs

As customers seize power and sales migrate online, B2B sales need a radical new approach.

Growth—fast, sustainable growth—depends on your salesforce hunting hard and aiming true with profitable pricing and products that your best customers want.

Our sales excellence framework is based on following pillars:

  1. Understanding the market

  2. ​Customer ​segmentation and targeting

  3. Offering & go-to-market

  4. Value pricing

  5. Organisation & Customer interaction

  6. Sales processes & supporting technology

We will assess your organisation on following elements. Based on the identified improvement opportunities wel will define and implement the tailor-made sales excellence program

Go-to-market advice

You’ve done all the required foundational work, now it’s time to pick a strategy that will push your product or service into the market. No one method will work for every product, service  or market, so it’s important to consider the complexity, scalability, and cost of yours.

Customers, not markets, buy your products, so your go-to-market strategy demands a deep understanding of your customers' needs and behaviors. We help you sell more—or more profitably—by putting the right offers in front of customers at the right price and time in the most effective channels. 

Their are generally four go-to-market sales strategies - each one catering to a different product, service  and business model:

  1. The Self-Service model

  2. The Inside Sales Business Model

  3. The Field Sales Business Model

  4. The Channel Model

You can mix and match these strategies based on industry or customer size.

Sales Heroes will help you to define, develop and deploy the best commercial go-to-market strategy for your business.

Sales Technology

Sales Automation & CRM Consulting & Implementaion Services: Sales technology
is ineffective without
a human touch 

Businesses are increasingly investing in sales technology. Sales teams are turning to cloud-based software, in particular, to accelerate productivity, gather contextual details about customers and automate tedious tasks. Technology usage is up across multiple platforms: Social platforms are table stakes for the modern seller.  More than half of sales professionals (64%) use CRM applications like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. 62% use collaboration tools like Box, Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Dropbox . 59% use networking platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Sales Heroes helps companies maximize their sales effectiveness with sales automation and sales CRM strategy and implementation. Unlike most consultants who focus on just one part of the sales funnel, our experts will work as an extension of your team to help optimize top, middle, and bottom of the funnel and align your processes, technology, and team members.