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Flexible Sales Staffing Solutions

Fluctuating workloads? Missing key people? Big project coming up? Can't fill a certain vacancy? Our role is to find you the best solution for your (non-)permanent staffing needs.

 When your company goes through change it might not always be easy to find available resources within the organisation. Adding temporary resources not only helps you realise your sales plan, it also assures you to stay flexible for changing priorities / market conditions. The sales machinery of your organisation should never fall flat on its feet. It needs to keep rolling and pushing the momentum forwards to stay on target. Our pool of sales professionals, interim managers and freelancers will help your team achieve precisely that.


Sales Interim Management and Freelancing


You are convinced a business is only as good as its people. And sometimes you are faced with tough decisions, f.e. a long-time manager unexpectedly resigns. Your organisation is at a crossroad, facing a takeover or introducing a radically new service. Whatever your sales resources needs, we have the network, the resources and the expertise to help you find top talent that’s just right for your business. 

Sales Outsourcing/ Project Sales

The Benefits of Outsourcing Sales

Outsourcing is a way to bring in new blood, new ideas, new energy and even new possibilities to any company sales team. However, it is not always the right option for every company and business, and it needs to be carefully considered as there can be many benefits of outsourcing sales. However, making the decision to outsource sales staffing is not a simple task. There may be multiple options that make it difficult to insource these jobs, and it may be very challenging to vet potential candidates and get them in place, through the onboarding process and ready to start selling in the necessary window of time.


Where we make the difference

Our innovative approach is geared towards complete customer satisfaction. Let’s walk you through the items that distinguish us from traditional executive interim management providers.

Sales, Sales and Sales

  • We have one focus and that is Sales! 

  • We have an extensive background in all aspect of the sales profession so we can shift gear very fast.

  • Every freelancer is known and evaluated by us personally

  • We check competencies, cultural fit, preferences and motivation


  • Short selection procedure and onboarding

  • Very transparent remuneration model

  • No headcount, benefits, bonuses or taxes

  • Flexible in time and volume

  • No dismissal fee nor long exit

  • Objective sounding board

  • Peace of mind

Our approach

We  are a candidate driven organisation, this means we are constantly screening and updating new and existing contractors. That is how we are able to provide you with the right person at all times.

We are able to combine quality with speed, what counts for your organisation.

The moment your organisation faces an urgent need for temporary skills, we have already a broad updated network available to help you out fast.

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